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Why We Use Zoom

We have decided to use Zoom for our Virtual Technology Classes over other alternatives as through many of our experiences in using it for Education and the tools and products we use, we found it to be most effective for student learning and teaching.

Zoom is equipped with many features that support virtual learning, including voice, video and chat, screen-share, “reactions” and “raise-hand”. It is also a free tool, making it accessible to all students, parents, teachers and other partners we work with.

We understand that recent media has raised concerns in the security and safety of students using Zoom, which mainly revolved around third-party users having the ability to access insecure, open and Zoom classes, hosted from a free Zoom subscription.

Your child’s safety and protection will always be our top priority. We have taken all the steps to ensure our virtual classes through Zoom meet our security standards. With our premium subscription, all of our classes are protected with a password. We also use “Waiting Rooms” where only our instructors can allow users to enter the class. Each new class also use unique Zoom links that that only students and instructors in that class can access.

Zoom also continues to enhance their software and safeguards to meet the demand and needs of the recent surge in use, especially in Education. If you have any further questions about Zoom or your child’s safety, please feel free to contact us at info@bsd.education.

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