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Virtual Classes

Code Is: Your Voice

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This introductory course allows students to use code as a way to share what is important or interesting to them. All of the projects in this mini-course provide ways for students to either follow along in the lesson or create their own unique projects, all while learning to program in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students are guided through the experience with video tutorials, live coding and access to the BSD code glossary. 


Explore: Students will be introduced to coding through projects that allow them to share their unique voices and interests. By focusing on content creation, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own ideas to design customized projects.


Learn: Each of the guided projects is aided by video tutorials that walk through each step of the coding process, allowing for an easy transition into coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Create: Students will create 5 unique projects throughout the course. The projects increase in difficulty and range of customization, ultimately allowing for code to become “your voice”. Each of the projects can be shared using a public URL or QR code.


Category: Class type:


Learn tech skills

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages
  • Programming Basics

Learn soft skills

  • Design Thinking
  • Computational Thinking
  • Creativity


Tech required:
Class-specific Software:
Video Conference Tool - Zoom: https://zoom.us/download

Why we use Zoom: https://virtualclasses.bsd.education/why-we-use-zoom


As long as you have a stable wifi connection and a browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you are ready to start building something different!

Here are more specifications that are recommended:

Web Browsers:
Chrome – at least version 66
Firefox – at least version 59
Safari – at least version 11

Internet connectivity is required. At least 1 Mbps is recommended.

Laptop / PC
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