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  • Beginner courses are for students with no prior coding experience.
  • Students learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.
  • Students receive an introduction to web development.
  • Students apply knowledge to understand how websites are used in the real world.
  • Intermediate courses are for students that have completed a beginner course.
  • Students learn how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript interact and work together.
  • Students learn about the difference between web design and mobile design.
  • Students create technology products that relate to their favorite interests like responsive websites, games, and apps.
  • Advanced courses are for students that have completed beginner and intermediate courses.
  • Students focus on JavaScript and how it is used to create algorithms and basic software experiences.
  • Advanced courses introduce students to futuristic technology concepts like AI and VR.
  • Students create interactive technology that involves the capture and analysis of data.




We are on a mission to make the learning and understanding of technology and design accessible to all students and teachers. Students that complete BSD projects will learn to CARE (curiosity, adaptability, resilience, empathy) about the future.

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