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Mobile Game Developer

Previously known as: Mobile App Game Development

USD $300

In this course, students will learn how to program and design games for both iOS and Android at the same time.


Using JavaScript, students will utilize the mobile’s core features such as the Gyroscope to give the players of their game a unique way to navigate.


At the end of the course, students will be able to generate QR codes to share their custom built games with friends and family.

Explore how game developers create and design games for tablets and other mobile devices.

Learn the HTML, CSS and JavaScript fundamentals for game design. Gain a deeper understanding of user experience and user interface of well designed games.

Create a mobile game that is interactive and shareable. Design unique game elements, characters and backgrounds to make your game unique.



5-Day Camp

Ages: 12+
Dates: 02 August to 06 August 2021
Times: 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Duration Per Class: 3 hours
Category: Class type:


Learn tech skills

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages
  • Hybrid App Development and Design
  • Game Development

Learn soft skills

  • Computational Thinking Skills
  • Design Thinking Skills
  • Creativity



Tech required:
Class-specific Software:
Video Conference Tool - Zoom:

Why we use Zoom:


As long as you have a stable wifi connection and a browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you are ready to start building something different!

Here are more specifications that are recommended:

Web Browsers:
Chrome – at least version 66
Firefox – at least version 59
Safari – at least version 11

Internet connectivity is required. At least 1 Mbps is recommended.

Laptop / PC
Open chat
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