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Virtual Classes

Digital Leadership Course

Previously known as: Discover the world of Esports with Brawlhalla

USD $760

Students will join a training session with a professional executive coach to learn the fundamentals of digital leadership. They will then analyze a real company scenario to understand their internal protocols and challenges and develop a solution. Students will present their solutions alongside with their reflection and ongoing development plans.



5-Day Camp

Ages: 10+
Dates: 26 July to 30 July 2021
Times: 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Duration Per Class: 4 hours
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Learning Outcomes

  • Learning in a dynamic environment
  • Discover areas of improvement using Design Thinking
  • Evolving business models with research model
  • Planning an organization-wide initiative, such as introducing a digital revenue stream to the business, or promoting a new targeted social media campaign

Applied knowledge

  • Examine the different business systems like, B2C or B2B
  • Research the internal structure of an organization
  • Collaborate with diverse viewpoints for problem solving
  • Facililtate communication between teams
  • Structure business models to succeed within digital disruptions
  • Construct data driven analysis rather than subjective analysis
  • Practice Design Thinking processes to create solutions
  • Communicate to a diverse audience



Tech required:
Class-specific Software:
Video Conference Tool - Zoom:

Why we use Zoom:


As long as you have a stable wifi connection and a browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you are ready to start building something different!

Here are more specifications that are recommended:

Web Browsers:
Chrome – at least version 66
Firefox – at least version 59
Safari – at least version 11

Internet connectivity is required. At least 1 Mbps is recommended.

Laptop / PC
Android/iOS smartphone with Brawlhalla installed
Open chat
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